Saturday, November 12, 2011

SULTAN of BRUNEI....Yang Paling Kaya TETAPI bukanlah YANG MAHA KAYA(nota ulangan)

Salam teman-teman,

Sekadar baca, tak payah terpengaruh. Jangan cemburu bahkan ingatlah Sultan Brunei paling kaya di dunia ini TETAPI Yang Maha Kaya hanyalah ALLAH. Cuba baca dan fahami ayat yang saya paparkan atas blog saya tu.

3 children are born every second in this world;
10 mobile phones sold on the international level;
auto manufacturers produce a car every 4.5 seconds on average;
and on the level of the human mind = brain cells send 200 directives each second to perform the various functions of physical and mental health.
The world spends 37 million Euros for arms on the international level in one second
And the Sultan of Brunei's wealth increases by 90 Euros every second!
No envy please!
This means around 5400 Euros per minute, 324000 Euros each hour, 7776000 Euros a day Implies about 54432000 Euros a week (that's 54 million and 432000 thousand Euros)
mmmmBrunei's Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah ... President of the richest country in the world. Popular, lavish, ... uses gold in everything. Was born literally eating with spoons made of gold clothes worn embroidered with gold and silver
These are some pictures of his palace ... The largest and most luxurious palace in the world... Consists of 1788 rooms with some furnished in gold and diamond-encrusted 257 bath inlaid with gold and silver and a garage to accommodate 110 cars.
The palace has 650 suites ... each furnished at not less than 150,000 thousand Euros. This requires the visitor to spend 24 hours just to inspect each room for 30 seconds

The Sultan of Brunei's plane
Most luxurious aircraft in the world, inlaid with gold.The Sultan has also a Boeing 747 worth a hundred million dollars, and then re-designed as a home at a cost of more than one hundred and twenty million dollars.Featured add-ons such as a whirlpool bath of pure gold. He also has six small aircraft and two helicopters.

One of the cars of theSultan of BruneiAt the special request of the Sultan of Brunei, the Rolls Royce company combined their car designs with that of Porsche. This vehicle is currently in London for use during his stay in Britain.

When the Sultan of Brunei's daughter married, the legendary celebrations continued for 14 days, at a cost of about five million dollars, attended by more than 25 heads of state and family members.
Wikipedia says he has:
531 Mercedes-Benzes
367 Ferraris
362 Bentleys
185 BMWs
177 Jaguars
160 Porsches
130 Rolls-Royces
And 20 Lamborghinis
Bringing the total number of his cars to 1,932

Emmm itu kekayaan Sultan Brunei. Semua itu tidak boleh membeli walaupun seinci kesihatan dan anggota badan yang ALlah kurniakan kepada kita. Apatah lagi untuk membeli kebahagiaan, lagilah tak dapat. Kebahagiaan tidak bergantung semata-mata kepada banyaknya harta kekayaan.

Kalau nak bahagia, kita kena ada sifat "qana'ah" iaitu "rasa cukup" dengan apa yang dikurniakan ALlah kepada kita. Ikutilah posting "qana'ah" selepas ini(disember 2009).
Sekian terima kasih.


  1. yg hitam tu adalah kereta saya ustaz, haha..

    terima kasih ustaz atas peringatan yang sungguh bermakna ini..

    ALlah rahmati ustaz..

  2. Bismillah...

    MasyaAllah... kekayaan yang dikecapi di dunia. tapi belum tentu ianya berkekalan yang sehebat itu apabila di akhirat kelak.

    Bak kata ulama'

    "orang yang banyak hartanya adalah orang yang lambat masuk ke syurga kerana hisabnya yang terlalu banyak berbanding dengan orang yang seadanya"

    Nak jadi kaya? tak salah nak jadi kaya tapi biarlah kaya seperti abdul rahman auf, orang kaya yang hampr dgn nabi dan sentiasa menginfakkan kekayaan itu ke arah meninggikan kalimatullah.

    Apa-apa pun, ikutlah cara nabi yang bersifat sederhana di setiap segi. Cukup apa yang ada. Yang penting, kebahagiaan dan kekayaan hakiki di akhirat kelak menjadi milik kita.


  3. Emm...memang bagus sultan brunei ni..walaupun beliau adalah yg terkaya namun tak pernah sultan brunei ni mengabaikan tanggungjawab sebagai seorang pemimpin islam..

    Kalau ustaz nak tahu saya baru jer terbaca ttg sultan brunei ni membina satu masjid terbesar di filipina dan tempat pusat ilmu islam bagi para muslimin disana.

  4. Bandar Seri Begawan
    Bornro Bulletin
    By James Kon

    A Grand Mosque donated by His Majesty the Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam to Kota Batu, in Mindanao of the Philippines, is expected to be completed by March next year.
    The mosque will be the largest in the Philippines and will be named after His Majesty.

    This was revealed by Mr Alexander Badong Yano, the Philippine Ambassador to Brunei Darussalam during a courtesy call to Pehin Kapitan Cina Kornia Di-Raja Dato Paduka Lau Ah Kok yesterday morning.

    Mr Alexander Badong Yano, the Philippine ambassador also expressed wishes Philippines and Brunei will continue to enjoy a strong relationship. He also thanked His Majesty's government for being very supportive of the Filipino people in Brunei.

    Pehin Kapitan Cina Kornia Di-Raja Dato Paduka Lau Ah Kok, the owner of Hua Ho Department store employed around 400 Filipino workers.

    Pehin Kapitan Cina Kornia Di-Raja Dato Paduka Lau Ah Kok said: "Filipino workers are responsible and hard working. I seldom have any problem with them."

    The Philippines Ambassador thanked Pehin Kapitan Cina Kornia Di-Raja Dato Paduka Lau Ah Kok for his support and good treatment of his fellow countrymen. He also hoped that the support will continue on.

    Beside Filipinos, Hua Ho Department store also has workers from eight other countries.

    Pehin Kapitan Cina Kornia Di-Raja Dato Paduka Lau Ah Kok then presented a memoir of his own life written in a book to Mr Alexander Badong Yano.

  5. Brunei sultan’s US$48-M mosque rises

    By Alcuin Papa, Nash Maulana
    Philippine Daily Inquirer
    First Posted 02:18:00 02/01/2009

    Filed Under: Religions, Construction & Property, Islam, Foreign affairs & international relations

    MANILA, Philippines—More than state receptions and dinner toasts, a cultural complex rising on a serene waterfront site in Cotabato City showcases the 25-year relationship between the Philippines and the Sultanate of Brunei that brought Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah on a three-day state visit here this week.

    The Sultan, who left the country yesterday, is funding the construction of what will be the biggest Muslim place of worship in the country at a cost of $48 million.

    The Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah Masjid (Muslim center of worship), located in the seaside village of Inawan, occupies 1.7 hectares of a 5-ha cultural complex that when completed will also include education and sport facilities.

    With its shimmering gold-plated domes and tall, slender minarets reaching up to the sky, the mosque symbolizes the very best expression of the Muslim faith in the country and the aspirations of a long-neglected region, said the designer, architect Felino Palafox Jr.

    “Our inspiration is our own aspiration for interfaith unity in the country and our Muslim brothers. We hope that the masjid will stimulate economic growth and development in Mindanao,” Palafox said in an interview.

    The mosque project, which is covered by a cultural bilateral agreement between the Sultanate of Brunei and the Philippine government, is meant to showcase the unity between the Philippines and Brunei, said Palafox, who was recently in the news when he pulled out of a lucrative contract to build a casino complex in the Subic Freeport to protest the cutting of more than 300 trees on the site.

  6. Kekayaan yang digunakan ke jalan Allah tu kan ada 'bahagiannya' ye ustaz...

  7. salam..

    sultan brunei bukan lh yg paling kaya..akan tetapi dari kalangan org yg kaya dalam dunia Islam..sbagai pmimpin baginda tidak lupa akan tnggung jwb sbgai pemerintah dan juga sbgai org Islam..sperti mngeluarkan zakat dan mmbantu negara islam yg lain..bahkan baginda juga mmbantu atau mmberi sumbangan peribadi dan juga dari kerajaan baginda kpd negara jiran.
    selain itu baginda juga mendukung ulama...

    HM hands zakat funds to 4,084 families:

    Present to accompany His Majesty at the International Convention Centre yesterday were His Royal Highness Prince Haji Al-Muhtadee Billah, the Crown Prince and Senior Minister at the Prime Minister’s Office; Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade His Royal Highness Prince Mohamed Bolkiah; His Royal Highness Prince Haji ‘Abdul ‘Azim; His Royal Highness Prince ‘Abdul Malik and His Royal Highness Prince ‘Abdul Mateen.

    The monarch presented the heads of family with documents, which represented the share of the zakat funds each recipients would get over a period of time, which has been determined by the Brunei Islamic Religious Council (MUIB), the authority in charge of managing, collecting and distributing the zakat.

    Each recipients under the fakir miskin (poor) category will receive monthly monetary assistance to cover costs such as their basic food and drinks expenditure, daily living expenses, children’s school expenses and house rental assistance.

    Head of the family receives $20,000, while their dependants receive $10,000 each. A special Hari Raya zakat was also distributed, a total of $3,000 for the heads of the family and $2,000 for every dependant under them.

    Their shares of the zakat are deposited into their respective bank accounts, whereby they can only withdraw 1/12, 1/36, 1/48 or 1/60 of the total amount each month, depending on the sub-categories these fakir miskin families fall under.

    This meant that these 4,084 families are now excluded from MUIB’s list of zakat recipients for a period ranging from one year to five years, a statement from the council said.

    Meanwhile, the al-gharimin received varying amounts of the zakat funds based on the outstanding balance on their respective house mortgages, for those who have applied for homes from the Housing Development Department of the Ministry of Development or the Yayasan Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah.

    As of January 31, this year, their collective house debt came to a total of $2,325,296.38.

    There was still a remaining amount of zakat left over after the distribution of the $90 million, which, the statement said, would be distributed to eligible applicants on the list who have yet to be approved, after the first 4,084 families were approved as of July 31, 2009.

    “Their numbers and how much they will receive will be made known once the assessment has been completed in accordance with the existing remaining amount of zakat funds,” the statement added.

    Apart from that, more than $67 million has been allocated to cover the council’s other commitments, which include $35 million set aside for the construction of homes for the poor and less fortunate. Another $3.6 million is also set aside to fund a programme, over the course of five years, to increase the capabilities of fakir miskin.

    From 1993 to 2008, a percentage of the zakat funds was placed in Bank Islam Brunei Darussalam and TAIB (Tabung Amanah Islam Brunei). The dividends generated from the amounts deposited in the two financial institutions over the last 15 years have totaled $98 million.

    The Brunei Times

  8. Majlis Sambutan Hari Belia Kebangsaan 2006:

    Kenapakah sebahagian remaja dan belia hari ini yang memakai pakaian menjolok mata? Jika dikaji kebanyakannya adalah berpunca dari pengaruh luar.

    Perkara ini pernah dititahkan oleh Kebawah Duli Yang Maha Mulia Paduka Seri Baginda Sultan dan Yang Di-Pertuan Negara Brunei Darussalam di Majlis Sambutan Hari Belia Kebangsaan pada 1 Ogos 2006, antara titah baginda:

    "Beta suka mengingatkan kepada pemimpin-pemimpin belia khasnya dan juga semua yang hadir, bahawa golongan belia, terutama belia remaja adalah sentiasa terdedah kepada eksploitasi pihak-pihak tertentu untuk kepentingan mereka. Ada belia-belia yang digunakan untuk melariskan pelbagai produk hiburan dan ?costume? yang tidak serasi dengan adat resam bangsa. Mengapakah belia menjadi sasaran? Kerana sifat-sifat mereka yang memang menarik, di samping juga faktor kejiwaan, di mana mereka mudah terpengaruh kepada perkara-perkara hangat dan baru."

    Kesempatan inilah yang sering diambil oleh pihak-pihak yang berkaitan itu tanpa mempedulikan, sama ada baik ataupun buruk. Eksploitasi terhadap kelemahan-kelemahan belia seumpama ini wajarlah jangan dibiarkan, tetapi perlu diambil perhatian serius serta ditangani oleh kita semua, khasnya para pemimpin belia sendiri. Program-program menyuntik kesedaran perlulah disusun, termasuk juga untuk para ibu bapa dan masyarakat sebelum ianya menjadi isu sosial yang kronik.

    "Siaran televisyen dari negara jiran yang bersaudara dengan nagara kita juga banyak mempengaruhi siasah serta jati diri anak bangsa kita kerana kebanyakkan siaran yang disiarkan adalah berbentuk hiburan yang amat-amat melalaikan serta merosakan iman kita selaku umat islam,,

    Beta juga mengizinkan serta amat mengalakkan para ulama` serta ilmuan islam dalam Negara Brunei DarulSalam ni menegur segala kepincangan yang berlaku ke atas system pemerintahan beta dan juga kepincangan serta masalah sosial di dalam masyarakat umum.. suka juga beta maklumkan di sini bahawa para ulama` mempunyai kuasa penuh untuk menegur apa sahaja kemungkaran yang berlaku di dalam negara Brunei Darussalam..

    Dalam menangani masalah ini, semua pihak adalah bertanggungjawab terutamanya ibu bapa dan suami untuk menegur dan membimbing isteri dan anak-anak mereka. Allah Subhanahu Wata'ala berfirman dalam Surah Al-Ahzab ayat 59, tafsirnya:

    "Wahai Nabi! Suruhlah isteri-isterimu dan anak-anak perempuanmu serta perempuan-perempuan yang beriman, supaya melabuhkan pakaiannya bagi menutup seluruh tubuhnya (semasa mereka keluar), cara yang demikian lebih sesuai untuk mereka dikenal sebagai perempuan yang baik-baik maka dengan itu mereka tidak diganggu."

    Dalam kita sama-sama menikmati arus kemodenan ini, janganlah kemodenan itu disalahertikan sebagai pergaulan bebas yang melampui batas tatasusila dan hukum agama seperti cara berpakaian yang mendedahkan aurat dan sebagainya terutama di kalangan remaja dan belia. Sebaliknya kemodenan itu hendaklah digunakan untuk kebaikan dan kemudahan dalam urusan seharian kita. Hidup moden tidak semestinya bergaul bebas, hidup moden tidak semestinya mendedahkan aurat.

    Akhirnya, marilah kita selaku suami atau ibu bapa membimbing isteri dan anak-anak dalam mematuhi segala suruhan Allah Subhanahu Wata'ala dan menjauhi segala larangan-Nya. Mudah-mudahan dengan yang demikian, kita akan selamat di dunia dan di akhirat. Amin Ya Rabbal?alamin.

    Firman Allah Subhanahu Wata'ala dalam Surah An- Nuur ayat 31, tafsirnya:"Dan katakanlah kepada perempuan-perempuan yang beriman supaya menyekat pandangan mereka daripada memandang yang haram dan memelihara kehormatan mereka. Dan janganlah mereka memeperlihatkan perhiasan tubuh mereka kecuali yang zahir daripadanya. Dan hendaklah mereka menutup belahan leher bajunya dengan tudung kepala mereka.

    "Selaku umat islam kita harus mematuhi segala suruhan serta larangan Allah Subhanahu Wata`ala tanpa sebarang bantahan kerana kita adalah makhluk ciptaannya

  9. Salam, yg kau tunjukkan tu masjid lah, bukan istana dia lah. tapi walaupun sultan brunei tu kaya tetapi ia bayar zakat dan belum ada yg kebuluran di brunei selama pemerintahannya.

  10. apa ko peduli...bukan usin nenemu. Kenapa dangki hentap ko.Jgn suka menyibuk hal org...uruskan dulu hal diri negeri sendiri. Ugama dipergunakan untuk berpolitik....sembahyang jumat 2x dilakukan pada satu masjid satu masa.Hal atu inda ko ungkit?Dlm islam beribadat inda perbezaan....